ESIGELEC Graduate Engineering University - EGE


ESIGELEC provides trainings for engineering students, in telecommunications, electronics, information technologies, information networks, embedded systems, automation and robotics, electrical engineering for transport, mechatronics, energy and sustainable development, biomedical engineering, business engineering and financial engineering.

Our programmes are based on students projects, practical work in labs, project management courses, foreign languages and internships, and proposes an international environment with strong links with industry, offering students the possibility to develop their personal/professional skills and to be ready to work!

Students can be admitted after high school (5-year engineering programme) or after preparatory classes/a first degree programme in 2 years at university (3-year engineering programme) or after a bachelor’s degree (2-year engineering programme or masters programmes).

Different reasons to choose ESIGELEC :

  • A school created more than 110 years ago (in 1901), having a long experience in higher education,
  • Accreditation by the French Board of Engineering Degrees (CTI) for its Engineering Degree. Accreditation by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for its Masters Degrees. Accreditation by the French Conference of Top Management and Engineering Schools (CGE) for its MSc. Diplomas.
  • School ranked among the best schools of engineering in France, having a 5-year engineering programme.
  • Many students clubs
  • Modern, large and well equiped buildings in a wooded area, with an easy access to the historical, dynamic and vibrant city center of Rouen and located just at 1 hour and a half from the city center of Paris.
  • A significant network of alumnis in France and abroad (more than 9000 since the school was created in 1901).