Montessori|Pre-School & Primary Teacher Training

Curriculum Summary

Course Title

Diploma in Montessori Method (AMI) & Primary Teacher Training

Course Duration

6 Months + Practicals

Level of Course

Diploma Level

Pre-School Method of Education
    • Principal of Preschool Education
    • Development of Language Skills
    • Creative and Aesthetic Education & Development of Manipulative Skills
    • Development of Mathematical Skills
    • Exploration of the Environment
Montessori Method of Education
    • Practical Life Education
    • Sensorial Education
    • Language Education
    • Mathematic Education
    • Cultural Education
Primary Education
    • Language Education (teaching English for Primary)
    • Basic Mathematics
    • Science and Environmental Studies
    • Aesthetic Education (Art, Music, Dancing)
    • Fundamentals of Religions
Educational Psychology
Child Psychology
Special Needs Education
Teaching Methodology
Curriculum Development
Basic IT (Technical Training)
Work Shops
First Aid (1 or 2 Days)
Social Etiquette & Grooming (1 or 2 Days)
Training on how to face an interview