Doctor Of Philosophy

PhD Awarded by State University of Grodno

Highest Ranked European State University Ph.D. in Sri Lanka

  • Ranked #191 – 200 EECA University Ranking
  • Highest Ranked State University in Sri Lanka
  • Only Eastern European University Ph.D. in Sri Lanka

Program Details

Name of qualification – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD )

Duration of the program – 3 years (minimum), 4 years (maximum)

Awarding body – State University of Grodno (Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno)

Program Structure – 6-month coursework (Information Technology, Sociology, and Academic English), Followed by research work leading to thesis and defense of thesis

Payment method – Full fee / installment payment (9 equal installments)

Most Comprehensive Ph.D. program of Sri Lanka

Innovation: State University of Grodno Ph.D. is ideal for students who want to be innovative in their chosen area of research or study. Students are encouraged and given ample to do publications in leading journals in European Region.

Transferable skills: State University of Grodno Ph.D. is an ideal opportunity for the candidates seeking to Shape their transferable skills such as presentation skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, time management, project management, teamwork.

Independence: The ideal for those who wants to be independent with regard to their work hours, order of work, task prioritization and entire working and study balance.

Flexibility: The European research and learning approach allows candidates to fully take control of their Ph.D. program and thesis. The flexibility of learning and support system means students can customize the education to suit their unique situations in career, personal and professional life.

Responsibility: The PhD program is designed to develop the responsibility of managing their workload, deadlines and to handle real-life situations that are essential for the successful progression in the study program and career.

State University of Grodno Ph.D. Program is ideally suited for;

  • University professionals / lecturers / academicians
  • Education administrators
  • Banking and finance professionals
  • State and private sector researchers
  • Marketing / branding /sales professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Medical and healthcare professionals
  • Biomedical and health science researchers and practitioners
  • Physical science researchers and practitioners
  • Mathematicians
  • IT and Computer industry professionals
  • General Managers / Administrators
  • Human Resource Managers / HR professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Engineers
  • Psychology practitioners and professionals

Ph.D. Specialization / Research Areas

  • Economics, Business, Marketing and Management
  • Physical Science (Physics, Statistics, Mathematics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering
  • Technical Science
  • History, Culture, Arts and Humanities
  • Communication and Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Law and International Law
  • Psychological Sciences