Special Need Education

  • Special Need Education

  • DATE:
    • Apr
    • 20
    • 2019


Diploma in Special Needs Education Commencing -20th April Saturday 9.00am -3.00pm Course Fees - Rs. 20,000.00 Call / Text 0777 23 00 33 to reserve Course Outline---- -History of Disability Rights (What are the rights of a Special needs child or adult) -Rationalization (Recognizing the multiple, comprehensive services that the individual needs while accommodating diverse priorities and needs of their families) -Principals of Human Development (Theories) -Development and Risk During Prenatal (Before conception), Natal (During labor and delivery process) and Postnatal (After delivery for the first 30 days) Stages (Growth, disturbing factors) -Conditions Affecting Neurological Function (Nervous System) -Inborn Variations of Development (Genetics) -Sensory Impairment and Infections (hearing and visual impairments) -Mandated Services for Young Children (Services designed by Authorities) - IFSP -Programs for Children with Special Needs (IEP) -Practices used in Preschools as Intervention for Teaching Special Needs Children (ITP – Individualized Transition Plan)